Completion of shelter rehabilitation work in Al Mahwit

Al Mahwit
Completion of shelter rehabilitation work in Al Mahwit

For more than two months, the work teams at Nabd Organization have been working diligently to complete partial rehabilitation activities for 110 homes and 220 transitional shelters for those affected by floods and natural disasters. This amazing achievement comes thanks to the generous support of Cordaid and the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) within the Yemen Joint Response 2022-2023 (Crisis Modifier - Address Emergency Shelter Needs in Al-Mahwit: A Community-Driven Response Strategy"), which has been implemented in three districts in Al Mahwit Governorate (Al Mahwit City - Jabal Al Mahwit - Al Khabat).

These ongoing efforts express our humanitarian commitment and our strong desire to help people in need from different segments of society. We believe in the importance of providing safe and sustainable shelter for those affected, as it gives them the safety and protection they need in these difficult circumstances.

Posted By: Abdulrahman AlHaj


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