NDEO: Nabd Development and Evolution Organization is a Yemeni organization working in development and evolution in various fields. It was established in 2019 with the authorization of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor No. 27. NDEO seeks to provide humanitarian service in a modern perspective based on neutrality and transparency regardless of race, religion, or affiliation. At NDEO, we are committed to providing high-quality services in partnership with all concerned and interested parties in a manner that does not conflict with relief and development plans of local authorities.


The Best at what we do


Providing humanitarian and development services to all segments of society through the optimal employment of human and financial resources, using modern technology and highly qualified local cadres to develop our administrative and operational practices for various programs and projects, committed to standards and principles of humanitarian work.


Transparency, Partnership, Team Spirit, Justice, Craftsmanship, Creativity, and Learning


Contributing to the stabilization of society to develop its productive capacities to reduce poverty and unemployment; Contributing to addressing the direct, implicit, and fundamental factors that affect people's health; Contributing to the development of educational performance systems to raise the level of outputs in order to achieve sustainable development; Contributing to providing water and sanitation services and ensuring that they are managed in a way that achieves sustainability for all; Contributing to reducing the effects of conflicts and natural disasters; Qualifying and empowering young people of both genders, technically and professionally, to contribute to sustainable development; Strengthening partnerships with relevant parties in international and local humanitarian work; Teamwork capable of providing the service with high efficiency and professionalism through an appropriate and constantly updated work environment.


Our diverse staff makes every aspect of our organization better. Our success is directly linked to the success and well-being of our employees. Recognizing the importance of our employees to our progress, we seek to ensure a work environment in which individuals can grow through career development opportunities and enjoy a high degree of job satisfaction. We are always keen to attract and retain the best talents in our various work sectors. We also seek to continuously develop the skills of our employees so that they succeed, feel appreciated, enjoy their work, and provide an unparalleled experience in providing humanitarian services. We are proud and proud of our employees, as their skills, commitment, experience and creativity help us to excel and always strive to enhance our business and implement our strategic vision.

Salah Aldeen Abdo

Executive Manager

Hadeel Alwan

Admin Officer

Redha Qusailh

Project Officer

Abdulwahed AlKabodi

Programs Manager

Muna AlHammadi

Head of Partnership

Haneen AlAzaiza

M&E Officer

Marwa Aljawlahee


Fathi AlQubati

Accounts Head

Khalid AlHaj

Purchasing Officer

Mamoon Alhaboob

Engineer Assistant

Salah Aldeen Al-Fotihi

Fundraising Officer

Ibrahim Alheyasi

Engineer Assistant


Volunteer work is a positive phenomenon and an important humanitarian activity, it's also one of the most important social aspects of life. It is a civilized behavior that contributes to strengthening the values of cooperation between societies. NDEO has a wide network of volunteers in various regions of Yemen, as it seeks, through the voluntary work policies that it adheres to, to form a community culture that promotes the concept of giving and preserves the stability and development of society. NDEO believes that the journey of change begins with an individual and that participation in volunteer work, even if it is in its simplest form, maybe a reason for inspiring many people to start their own volunteer journey. And each person may be a cause of inspiration for many around him/her to provide various humanitarian and voluntary services.

NDEO believes that men and women are equal, enjoying their rights, opportunities, resources, and wages. And equality does not mean that men and women are the same, but rather that their enjoyment of rights and life opportunities is not governed or specified whether they were born male or female. Because of our belief that women have a major role in the process of development and increasing productivity in the organization. We encourage and support the acquisition of more female employees within our various work teams where we can through the diverse team of men and women that we own obtain more creativity and contributions from all employees. NDEO also believes that a woman has tremendous power in building relationships as well as has great affection and can understand and analyze problems according to their own perspectives, which makes her an important and indispensable component of the team.

The governorates that have so far benefited from our activities and projects